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Meet Bob

Bob’s approach does not only market your property based on demand, but creates a market for your home based on numerous elements that are discussed during the initial listing consultation. As a paralleled level of professional care, maximizing exposure to real estate inventory when an acquisition is of need, supports Bob’s intuitive knowledge when finding “the right” property for his clients – not simply “a great property”.

Repetitive market research in assessing property values, impeding stimulus, exit strategies, calculated projections, and creating safe harbors for client’s real estate positions are skills well developed over Bob’s years of experience in the multiple housing fluctuations.

These factors also ensure that when relinquishing your home, it is priced effectively from day one and when in a position of acquisition you receive intuitive guidance in making a wise purchase given your personal goals, market stability, and your long term real estate vision.

As the real estate industry is becoming more sophisticated and challenging, you need a professional that understands the industry and you while staying positioned to remain ahead of the game. Insight, experience, intelligence and resourcing enable Bob Shutts to make informed real estate decisions for his clientele. Wisdom is found through experience, enduring through challenge, and gained success when surrounding ones self with professionals of greater success.


Holding strong to the awareness that Bob Shutts’ success does not exist without his clients, and never losing sight of this pertinent fact is one cornerstone of Bob’s purpose in developing business.

A past client is just as important as a prospective client. Bob Shutts’ mission is to deliver superior results for clientele by putting the client first — always, listening to their needs as a home and multiple investment property owner himself, collaborating across markets to amplify on industry resources, and creating innovative planning & marketing programs when reaching the goals of his clientele.