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Advertising Plan

Planning – Representing you through the sale of your property entails more than just relations across the industry fields to locate buyers, investors, brokers and agents alike. “Creating a market” for your property is the foundation for Bob Shutt’s advertising plan.

Obtaining multiple offering positions, and efficient buyer and broker response is all too often the outcome as Bob aligns your property within his advertising plan. Assessing your financial and real estate objectives leads to the assessment of the property in subject in order to identify and accent on your property attributes – demand created, room for buyer expansion and or adjustment – value seen, and if needed considered property improvements prior to listing launch that would multiply the return on the “dollar spent” – increasing value & demand.

Launch – From internal buyer & client relations, to external consumer outreach through web, publications and direct mailing campaigns (options pending property type and market stimulus) exposure is quickly spread to ensure awareness, and obtained attention – resulting in the sale. Immediate property exposure heightens the client’s desired outcome by gaining stride on comparable properties. Gaining a presence just two days prior to a comparable property can greatly impact the end result.

An indirect yet driving impact on your properties “response” and resulting sale is also traced to Bob’s continuous recycling advertising out-reach. A well executed advertising plan is supported by awareness and branding that has been created prior to a prospective client listing. This established exposure helps to create readiness amidst the regional areas in which business is conducted.

Re-assessing progressive results – As the advertising plan is launched, attention is taken to the results of each campaign to ensure success. Broker and agent feed-back, on going market analysis to ensure proper pricing and price movements in the select area, as well as calculating inventory movement and sales behavior assists in staying acute to any changes that need to be made in the tailored advertising plan. Results come from planning, assessing, and adapting when needed in order to ascertain performing interest – the sale.